Big brand marketing automation without the complexity and cost.

What We Do

Marketing Automation Made Simple

Market Analysis

A complete analysis of the market is critical to the success of any business. Understanding the target audience and knowing how to effectively reach them is vital. dbSignals identifies your best market segments so that you can target your audience more effectively.

Data Integration

Database marketing is a strategy every business should implement to increase customer loyalty, attract new business, and drive marketing ROI. dbSignals build a prospecting database and augments your customer data with segmentation attributes making it more relevant and useful across all channels. It's an added feature the big brands don't offer.

Predictive Analytics

Using advanced analytics and predictive modeling, dbSignals helps you segment your data into highly targeted lists that are most inclined to respond to your marketing communications.

Channel Optimization

Data analysis allows marketers to make informed decisions about the best channels for their target audiences. But, dynamically matching the right medium with the right message and offer can be complicated. dbSignals uses customer insight and automation to send the right offer to the right person, on the right channel, at the right time—every time.

Continuous Measurement

What would it mean to your customers—and your organization—if you could predict customer buying cycles, how to activate them, and the best combination of channels to maximize ROI? dbSignals helps you draw informed conclusions and scale your customer acquisition and CRM using the campaigns proven to work best.

Continuous Improvement

By analyzing what's happening today and making changes to affect results tomorrow, dbSignals helps you determine where to invest your limited marketing dollars to achieve your objectives in the most effective way.

dbSignals combines data, technology and the science of machine learning to automate the Sales and Marketing process so you can stay focused on running your business.

One tool – multiple channels
User friendly drag-and-drop design
Browser driven – no software required

We make Marketing Automation affordable and simple!

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The dbSignals Difference

At dbSignals, our Customer Acquisition Prospecting Databases coupled with real-time data management, and self-learning technology—that automatically recalibrates on the fly—creates smarter campaigns, and the best results possible.

“I've used other database and marketing automation tools throughout my career, but dbSignals was the easiest one to implement. It has a very quick learning curve, and it also has the data capabilities that I've always wanted in a marketing tool. We are ahead of plan, and it's all because of dbSignals. This is the best marketing platform I've ever used.”
Rachel Albaugh — Vice President Marketing, MSS Technologies

    How We Do It

    Targeted Data

    Discover the characteristics of your best customers and uncover pockets of prospects within your target market who are most likely to respond to your offers.

    Automated Campaigns

    Generate new leads and nurture them through the sales funnel while creating stronger customer relationships, and engaging them with their preferred channel.

    Machine Learning

    Recognize and predict behavior using real-time data feeds and self-learning algorithms that make your campaigns smarter with every mailing.



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    Use dbSignals to drive sales and never make another cold call again.

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